Smart Biomedical Device Systems
Our mission is to advance patient care and biological research by inventing the future generation of biomedical device systems with intelligence designed in.

Latest News and Events

We have a Postdoctoral Scholar position opening! Link
Feb 23
Damage control. (Cover story in March/April 2015 issue) Stanford Magazine
Feb 19
Researchers measure concussion forces in greatest detail yet. Stanford Medical Center Report
Jan 6
Mouthguard measures full force of a concussion. Futurity
Jan 6
Stanford researchers measure concussion forces in greatest detail yet. Stanford News
Dec 23
Published manuscript: F. Hernandez, L. C. Wu, M. C. Yip, K. Laksari, A. R. Hoffman, J. R. Lopez, G. Grant, S. Kleiven, D. B. Camarillo. Six degree of freedom measurements of human mild traumatic brain injury. Annals of Biomedical Engineering 2014. Springer Link
Oct 29
Ongoing research looks into nature of concussions in sports. Stanford Daily
Oct 22
Congratulations to Livia Zarnescu for winning a Reviewer's Choice Award at the 2014 Annual Meeting of the Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES 2014)!
Oct 2
Stanford lab works to prevent concussions suffered by football players. ABC News
Sep 22
Camarillo Lab welcomes rotation students Pablo Escobar, Evan Giarta, Alec McGlaughlin, Lizzie Peiros, Jake Sganga, and Scott Ulrich!
Aug 18
Camarillo Lab welcomes post-doctoral fellow Mehmet Kurt!
Jul 16
High-tech devices shed some light on head hits in sports. SFGate
Jun 18
Stanford bioengineers improve upon football mouthguard that senses head impacts. Stanford News

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