Smart Biomedical Device Systems
Our mission is to advance patient care and biological research by inventing the future generation of biomedical device systems with intelligence designed in.

Latest News and Events

We have a Postdoctoral Scholar position opening! Link
Jun 17
Camarillo Lab welcomes undergraduates Bradley Hamooor and Kevin Bui, high school students Erik Ortega and Gregor Yock, and study coordinator Joe Schooler!
Apr 24
Published article: D.B. Camarillo, P.B. Shull, J. Mattson, R. Shultz, D. Garza. An Instrumented Mouthguard for Measuring Linear and Angular Head Kinematics during Impact in American Football. Annals of Biomedical Engineering. Springer Link
Nov 20
Stanford analyzes athletes' concussions. SF Chronicle
Nov 08
Stanford football team players in high-tech concussion study. SJ Mercury

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